KarenMnl - King Chef Dimsum Kitchen SM Cherry Shaw Review + Promos!


King Chef Dimsum Kitchen SM Cherry Shaw Review + Promos!

I’ve actually dined twice at the King Chef Dimsum Kitchen branch at SM Cherry Shaw – once with food blogger friends, and once with my sister.

Before I was invited, I didn’t even realize that there was a King Chef branch nearer our house. When someone said King Chef, the original branch in Banawe is what always comes to mind. Well, now it’s great to know that there’s a King Chef branch nearby, with dimsum Happy Hours, too!

King Chef Seafood Restaurant vs. King Chef Dimsum Kitchen

The Seafood Restaurant branches are where you can have a full Chinese banquet, and the Dimsum Kitchen branches are where you can have short orders, and, of course, dimsum!


The King Chef Dimsum Kitchen in SM Cherry Shaw is located at the lower ground floor, across from the supermarket, beside the walkalator.

Parking at SM Cherry Shaw is P40, but if you are visiting S&R Shaw next door, anyway, you can just park there to get free parking and just walk to SM Cherry.


Here are two new dim sum you might want to try! (Available only until June 2019)

Mango Summer Dumpling – this is filled with small, diced white fish and shrimp, and sweet mango bits. It was a nice change from the usual.

Firecracker Curry Prawns – each piece has a whole shrimp surrounded by a seafood, curry mango filling; it is then wrapped in lumpia wrapper, and breaded and fried. I liked this and reordered it on our second visit.

Here’s the Special HK Congee that includes some slices of abalone! Okay, I like this congee but I’d have to warn you that it is an acquired taste. I like abalone. If you’ve never tried abalone before, it is chewy, slightly rubbery, but not tough, and has a different texture than other seafood like fish, shrimp or even clams. Abalone is probably the most expensive shellfish, and is a delicacy at a Chinese banquet. The other thing about this congee is that it has Chinese sour/salted or pickled preserved vegetables. I like Chinese preserved vegetables now, in small quantities like what’s in this congee, but I hated them as a child. I like the texture of King Chef’s congee – it is sticky but not gummy. The congee also had some pork slices, lobster ball, etc… 

Some of the new rice meals available are:

Roast Duck with Asado Rice – 2 meats in 1! Perfect if you can’t decide which roast meat you want.

Breaded Pork Chop Rice – I liked this. The pork chop breading was very crispy, the pork was cooked through and tender, and the whole thing was not greasy. This King Chef branch is very good at frying things

Rice Meal Upgrades – you can upgrade your rice meals to add these:

  • Vinegared Tofu with Lechon Bits
  • Steamed Egg
  • Soup of the Day


Chili Pickled Cabbage – slightly sour and crunchy; it’s like a Chinese-style kimchi, but it’s not too spicy.

Deep Fried Salad Seafood Roll – it’s a breaded and fried parcel of kani stick and minced seafood filling, which you dip in a sweet mayo – it’s irresistible. It would have been better with a few mango bits in the filling, but I’m still happy. 

Boneless Patatim with Steamed Buns – this is a classic. The steamed buns were soft and fluffy, the pork leg was tender and the sauce was just right 

Avocado Sago – if you want something different from mango sago, you can try this! It’s ice-cold, creamy, blended avocado (not too sweet), with sago.

Avocado Sago – if you want something different from mango sago, you can try this! It’s ice-cold, creamy, blended avocado (not too sweet), with sago.

Dimsum Happy Hours

The Dimsum Happy Hours here are 2pm – 5pm and 8:30pm to 10pmDAILY! Yes, even on weekends! 

Prices are VAT-inclusive, but exclusive of service charge.

What are Dimsum Happy Hours?

Dimsum prices are slashed by around 30% during this time! (Check their menu for the promo prices).

Just make sure your order is punched in before the happy hour ends; for example, before 5pm, and you can avail of the promo price. It’s okay if you make the payment after 5pm, so there’s no need to rush eating!


The Smart Diner Card is P400, and is valid for one year. You earn points that you can exchange for free dishes.

More importantly, you get exclusive deals! The deals available change, but members always get a good deal.

Currently, the Smart Diner deals are:

You get Brunch Deals from 10am-1pm:

You also get additional Dimsum Happy Hours:

And promo price on selected drinks and dessert!

What’s more, if you are a senior citizen or a PWD (must present ID), you get 50% OFF on congee (daily, no time limit). The senior/PWD doesn’t have to be the Smart Diner Card member to get the discount. For example, I am the Smart Diner Card member and I go to King Chef with my parents who are seniors, they will be given the 50% discount on congee. Sulit, diba?! I really love how they do this for the seniors


Service was actually very fast. When we arrived, the place wasn’t full so they could work on our order immediately. But even then, I was surprised at how quickly they were able to get our orders out!

The staff at this branch have been very helpful and attentive, both times.

The dish that I actually liked the most was the congee. The Special HK Congee had a few pieces of abalone (among other meats)! But I also really liked the Pork Century Egg Congee that we ordered during our second visit.

Try the other dimsum dishes, too. One thing I like about King Chef is that they try new dimsum.  For example, right now they have the Mango Summer Dumpling and the Firecracker Curry Prawns. They offer something new every few months to spice things up!

If you plan to be a regular at King Chef, it might be worth getting their Smart Diner Card!

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Cherry Shaw
Lower Ground Floor, SM Cherry Shaw, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingchefph/
Website: https://www.kingchef.com.ph
Tel. No. 726-2433 / 0932-237-8464 / 0945-482-9263

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